KINYO's business is the development, design, manufacture and sale of rubber blankets, rubber coated fabrics, rubber paints, and rubber / resin rollers.

As basic principle, we recognize that the maintenance of the global environment is one of the most important challenges for humanity, we try for the preservation of the environment in the products, services and business activities, and we aim at harmony between nature and our business management.

We establish the following basic policies of environmental activities.

1. We work for continuous improvement about impacts that our operation, product, and service give on environment.


We promote adoption of the processes, operations, materials, and products which enable us to avoid or reduce contamination, in order to prevent environmental pollution.


We comply with the environmental laws, regulations, commercial agreements, voluntary standards, local regulations applied to each plant, and the other requirements accepted by each plant, related to our business activities.


As we establish and run environmental objectives and targets, we promote the following items chiefly to the extent possible technically and economically.

(1) We provide products and services good for the environment.

(2) We have to reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions.

(3) We promote resource conservation and waste reduction.

(4) We promote the prevention of pollution.


We tell our environmental policy very well to all who work in our premises.


We are open the environmental policy in our company and to the public.

Date: Jun.26, 2013

Keiji Nakata
Kinyosha Co., Ltd.