February, 1923: Founded Kinyosha Kogyosho. A limited partnership in Tokyo, at Ikebukuro to manufacture glue type rollers for printing industry.
Later this product transformed into rubber roller.
Later an oil resistant rubber roller was invented for use in rotary newsprint presses first in Japan.
December, 1930: Reorganized the company as Kinyosha Co., Ltd. with JPY150,000 in capital.
Appointed Mr. Kaisuke Yamamoto as the first president of the new organization.
Moved the premises to Osaki Shinagawa-ku Tokyo.
1933: Rubber blanket was introduced into the market for rotary newsprint and general printing.
October, 1944: Appointed Mr. Youichiro Nakamura as the second president.
November, 1949: Appointed Mr. Yuzo Kimura as the third president.
December, 1949: Started operation of Kyoto Plant.
April, 1950: Opened Osaka office.
April, 1952: Installed new manufacturing lines exclusively for rubber rollers for paper milling industry and general industrial use.
1958: Developed "KP RUBBER", a solvent-resistant rubber (Resistant to benzene and trichloroethylene).
1959: "U-LON S", polyurethane rubber, was introduced to the market.
1960: "PERFLON", fluoro-rubber, was introduced to the market.
September, 1960: Opened Sapporo local office to cover Hokkaido region.
April, 1961: Opened Nagoya local office to cover Chukyo area.
November, 1962: Capital increased to JPY50 million.
November, 1963: Appointed Mr. Koichiro Shima as the fourth president.
December, 1967: Introduced "AIR-EXCEL S5000" - compressible blanket for offset printing.
August, 1968: Opened Fukuoka local office to cover Kyushu region.
March, 1971: Mr. K. Shima, the president, received with the Blue Ribbon Medal.
November, 1971: Developed high accuracy rubber sheet "GOLDPRENE" and developed hot press shock absorber, "KINYO BOARD".
April, 1972: Developed normal temperature curing type fluoro-rubber paint "PERFLON". The application usage broaden to automobile engine metal gasket etc.
May, 1972: Appointed Mr. Ryutaro Nakamura as the chairman of the board and representative director.
October, 1972: Kinyosha awarded a Ministerial Award for "Outstanding Corporate Activation in Labor Welfare during 1972". The award was from the Ministry of Labor.
April, 1973: Opened Hiroshima local office to cover Chugoku & Shikoku region.
June, 1974: Started operation of Takehara plant in Hiroshima.
September, 1975: Started operation of Minori plant in Ibaraki.
March, 1979: Kinyosha entered into a license agreement with Felix Böttcher (Germany) for the manufacturing technology of rubber rollers for copy machines.
December, 1980: Developed "S7000" compressible blanket. "U-LON H" (NK method) was developed as polyurethane roller for the paper milling industry.
February, 1981: Developed a synthetic granite roller "UNI-ROCK®".
April, 1981: Grinding facility installed at Nagoya.
April, 1982: Opened Sendai local office to cover Tohoku region.
June, 1983: Appointed Mr. Takashi Kachi as the fifth president.
November, 1983: Former president, Mr. K. Shima, received with the Fifth Order of Sacred Treasure.
Opened Saitama local office to cover Saitama and its surrounding prefectures.
June, 1984: Separated Saitama local office as a subsidiary, Saitama Kinyosha. (Changed the name to Kinyosha Kanto Sales in August 1994.)
January, 1987: KB Roller Tech Kopierwalzen(KBRT) was founded with Felix Böttcher founded. Started production of rubber rollers for PPC.
February, 1987: Opened Osaka office in Katano, Osaka.
February, 1988: Kinyo Virginia Inc. (KVI) established as a subsidiary in Virginia, U.S.A.
1990: Developed "SOLT Roller" and "PFC Roller" as electrostatic rollers which achieve miniaturization and energy saving of office automation system.
March, 1990: Entered into a license agreement with Becker Gummiwerke AG (Germany). Granted the use of "UNI-ROCK®" and "ELAGLASS" manufacturing technologies.
October, 1991: Capital increased to JPY100 million.
June, 1993: Appointed Mr. Tomoo Nagai as the sixth president.
October, 1994: Started operation of Iwama plant in Ibaraki.
April, 1996: Registered and certified as ISO9002 at Minori plant.
June, 1997: Appointed Mr. Hiroshi Yamamoto as the seventh president.
June, 1998: Registered and certified as ISO9001 at Minori plant.
2000: Developed transfer roller excellent in electric resistance stability.
September, 2000: Kinyosha (HK) Co., Ltd. (KHK) founded in Hong Kong.
December, 2000: Started operation of Shiga plant in place of Kyoto plant.
April, 2001: Established Kinyo Europe in Düsseldorf, Germany, started sales operation in Germany, France, Spain and U.K.
June, 2001: Appointed Mr. Isao Ishii as the eighth president.
September, 2001: Kinyosha (HK) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Factory built in Shenzhen, China as KHK's production fascility.
October, 2003: Established Kinyo Supply Co., Ltd.
December, 2003: Head office moved to new site in Toyocho, Koto-Ku, Tokyo. Warehouse and delivery center opened in Shinkiba, Koto-Ku, Tokyo.
Kinyosha (HK) Co., Ltd. Shanghai representative office was opened in Shanghai, China.
Registered and certified as ISO14001 at all domestic operation facilities.
May, 2004: Completed extension of ISO 9001 registration to all the domestic offices.
September, 2006: Established Kinyosha Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Vietnam.
February, 2007: Head office moved to Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, from Koto-ku.
October, 2007: Established Kinyosha (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
June, 2008: Appointed Mr. Yutaro Nakamura as the honor chairman, and Mr. Kazuo Nakamura as the chairman of the board.
April, 2011: KHK Shenzhen Factory converted to Kinyosha (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., as an overseas subsidiary in Shenzhen, China.
June, 2013: Appointed Mr. Keiji Nakata as the ninth president.
September, 2013: Domestic sales groups moved to Shinkiba, Koto-ku from Osaki, Shinagawa-ku to set up Tokyo sales head office.
June, 2022: Appointed Mr. Takuo Hattori as the tenth president.

*UNI-ROCK® is a registered trademark of DMW CORPORATION.