Head office




Kazuo Nakamura, Chairman
Takuo Hattori, President

Head Office

6F, Art Village Osaki Central Tower, 2-2, Osaki 1-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032 JAPAN


December 20, 1930


JPY100 million

Fiscal Year Ending


Sales Turnover

JPY16.1 billion(at fiscal year 2020)

Number of Employees

692(in June, 2021)

Main Products

Rubber rollers for printing
Rubber blankets for printing
Rubber rollers for office automation equipment
Rubber rollers for industrial machinery used in paper-milling, processes of iron and steel, plastic film, plywood, textile and dyeing
Other industrial rubber products (special rubber sheet, molded products, rubber coating materials)

Bussiness Outline

KINYO keeps a constant eye on the future to provide steadfast support for the industrial community.

In 1445, a German blacksmith J. Gutenberg introduced printing to Europe, Xerography was invented by C. Carlson in 1938. Rubber rollers and blankets were the key parts of those two epoch-making invention. They can print, spread, crimp, press, bond and mold.

KINYO has started from a printing rubber roller, and currently our products take an essential part in the bank note issuing, OA equipment, paper milling, steel milling, textile, film manufacturing industry. In addition, we have polymeric materials as an area of strength. Wide variety of our products such as rubber belts for textile, PERFLON Paint for metal gasket and rubberized cloth assist the industrial community as a primal element.

Rubber Blanket for Offset Printing

Offset rubber blankets are essential elements in determining print quality. Newspapers, magazines, books, catalogues, flyers and beverage cans are all printed through the offset process. To support these applications KINYO offers a variety of products individually suitable for each application.

Rubber Rollers for Printing

In addition to those for offset printing, gravure printing, and high-speed rotary newspaper presses high quality rollers used for other applications are included in our main line of products. These other applications include metal coating, paper and other substrate making, bag making machines and cardboard making machines.

Rubber Rollers for Industrial Use

We have a great variety of rubber rollers for industrial use such as paper milling, steel milling, textile or plywood manufacturing. The hybrid rollers which keep high gripping force shows our innovation in development.

Rubber Rollers for Office Automation Equipment

Our technological strength provides "product technology" enabling KINYO to manufacture products ahead of competitors and "manufacturing technology" to supply products which consistently feature high quality. Our cost competitiveness, ample capacity, and design, allows our production facility to meet our customers' needs with minimum delay. Also, we are contributing to our global society by improving on miniaturization of office automation equipment and developing electrostatic printing roller to achieve energy savings.

Other KINYO products

Other KINYO products that require special qualities include "PERFLON Paint" fluororubber paint, "GOLD PRENE" precise rubber sheet, "KINYO BOARD" hot press shock absorber. In addition KINYO rubber belts for the textile industry and a whole host of other high-performance products provide reliable support for the industrial community.