"SOLT" Roller

SOLT roller is the brand name of a Kinyo-invented silicone sponge pressure roller for copier, multi-functioned printer, and printer, which has through holes.

Features of SOLT roller

Reduced warm-up time

Since silicone sponge has its small heat capacity and thermal insulation, warm-up time can be largely reduced without letting a roller deprive heat of the heater. 

Excellent paper feeding

For its compressibility, silicone sponge can deal with various kinds of paper such as thin paper, postcards, and envelops.
Moreover, through holes of silicone sponge make a roller dimension and form stable despite of rapid temperature change. This stable form prevents paper feeding troubles as paper wrinkles.

Even hardness and fine cell

Silicone sponge can be produced with a wide range of the hardness by our original silicon sponge layers.
Because of its even hardness and fine cells, smooth surface can be realized for a sponge roller.