Paper Milling

ApplicationProduct nameFeaturesColorHardness
・Center press roller
・Hard press roller
・Smoother hard roller
UNI-ROCK® Evaluated for long time as a material to be replaced with granite at press part. Its high durability assures longevity.

1. Excellent wet paper release
Releasing property with wet paper is similar or better than granite as well as artificial stones.
2. Remarkable longevity
Excellent in physical strength. Less damage by doctor. Grinding interval is similar to granite, and more than twice as former artificial stones.
3. Excellent load-proof
Less heat generation by rotation. Bearable for high pressure and speed.
Beige D93±1
・Super calender
・Soft calender
・Multi nip calender
ZE-K Renewed resin rollers as ZE-K series for calender!

1. Suitable for multi-purpose
Superior calender effect at various calender processes.
2. Longevity
Shock absorption property for accidental paper winding or contaminated paper dust.
3. Less barring
High Young Modulus and less distortion by shock.
Not to be easily polygonal shaped.
Shock absorption property in the design attenuates vibration from outside.
Black D91~94
Coater Backing roller COATWELL Developed as material for exclusive use of coater backing roller, having four types!

1.Surface uniformity
2.Less stain attachment by paint
3.Less contact abrasion with flokling doctor
4.Excellent sanding property on machine
Black A60~80
〔Press part〕 
Center roller, Top press roller, Smoother bottom roller, Felt roller
〔Wire part〕
Breast roller, Forming roller, Wire guide roller, Wire return roller, Wire turning roller, Wire stretch roller, etc.
BOARDROCK Special resin type utilizing technique for UNI-ROCK®!

1. Remarkable abrasion-proof
Much less contact abrasion with wire doctor.
2. Excellent paper release
Especially less pitch attachment from card board.
Red D92±2
〔Press roller〕
〔Crown controlled press roller〕
〔Applicator roller〕
Rod metering type
Gate roll type
ULON-H Brand name of Kinyo polyurethane rollers. We have a line-up of urethane rubber specialized of water-, thermal-, chemical-, abrasion-proof, etc.

1. Less pin-holes. Most suitable for applicator roller.
2. Remarkable strength. Excellent abrasion- and scratch-proof.
3. Less heat generation inside. Applicable at high speed and pressure.
4. NK layer between rubber and steel core prevents blister release caused by water penetration.
Natural A80~99
*UNI-ROCK® is a registered trademark of DMW CORPORATION.